Cash only please, paid upfront – no envelope required! 

Payment to be received in full, in cash, at the start of any session   In calls  Out calls*
Up to 15 minutes (regulars only)  £40
Up to 30 minutes  £60
Up to 45 minutes  £80
Up to one hour  £100 £130
Up to one and half hours  £140 £170
Up to two hours  £170 £200
Up to three hours  £200 £250
Up to four hours  £250 £300
Up to eight hours **  £400 £600
Overnight   £500 £750


Cuddle therapy (no sexual contact from me) is £60 for one hour and then multiples thereof, i.e. £120 for two hours; one hour minimum booking.

*For new clients, these are only to appropriate hotels (NB. Currently only those in central Preston), i.e. large, anonymous and easy to get to.

**This is for any eight hours 8am to 10pm; past four hours, a meal break included

†Any period in excess of four hours between 8pm and 8am; I cannot travel after 11pm or before 6am