Offering a warm, relaxed girlfriend experience in a discreet setting

My name is Kay, and I am a 55-year old BBW escort. My vital statistics are 54-48-54, and I am a dress size 26/28. Moderate bust and bottom, generous tummy.  I have shoulder-length light brown hair and dirty green eyes. I do not shave/wax, but my pubic and underarm hair is quite light/sparse.

aboutI’m a well-educated, mature Englishwoman who decided on a career change after a long and busy office life, and now I combine being a self-employed freelancer in my old profession and part-time escorting.  I generally only do 1–2 bookings a week, and am not usually available at short notice: I’m never free ‘now’ and always need at least an hour to get ready. Booking at least 24 hours ahead means I’m more likely to be able to re-arrange/plan my day and say yes.

Please don’t come to me if you’re looking for e.g. a BJ-only booking: there are plenty of other escorts who will do those. If you’re a repeater, there is no limit on how many times you come within a meet – I’m always happy to have many rounds. I will do up to 1.5 hours with a new client, but if we hit it off I would be prepared to do a longer booking in the future, including an overnight.

I’ll also gladly do a booking with no sex if you prefer just to have a bit of a kiss and a cuddle, and I’m happy to see virgins or men who are lacking in confidence! While I’m pretty vanilla on the whole, I do find the odd ‘dominant mama’ booking fun, and especially love being suckled. I am not at all interested in BDSM bookings, squashing, sploshing, etc.

It’s important to me that we both enjoy our time together, so please take the time to read my ‘Services’ and ‘Schedule’ pages, and feel free to ask me any questions (via email or phone call, not text please).

Please do not take offence, but  I do not see clients from the Indian subcontinent, sub-Saharan Africa or the Caribbean, older than 60, or of a large/heavy build.